Nordic Skiing at the Slochd

The Slochd offers some of the best cross country skiing in Scotland! We have an extensive ski hire department with a selection of skis for trails and low level ski touring in the forest tracks. Also, metal edged cross country skis for touring at high levels.

What is Nordic Skiing?

Your Host With The Perfect Nordic Ski TechniqueNordic Skiing or cross country skiing is the oldest form of skiing, and it's whatever you want to make it, exploring the tranquility of the winter forest. Nordic skiing is for everyone at their own pace, children having fun or the athlete, runner or triathlete finding a new challenge.

Nordic skiing is also known as cross country skiing or free heel skiing. Equipment need not be expensive for the skier who is happy in the forest trails. As you progress and possibly want to try more serious winter tours then you need to consider nordic skis that are more suitable for the conditions. There are several cross country ski clubs and shops that sell gear and are able to advise.

Nordic Skiing is best started with some simple lessons, helping to make life stress free and offering practical goals and small challenges that will be very useful on your days trip. This could all lead to new horizons for the rambler or hill walker who would take a small rucksack, a bite to eat, so now you can do it on skis.

Perfect Nordic ski route - suit all skill levelsIt's a dream! Nordic skiing in prepared ski tracks, gliding along through the forest. You will progress quickly, whether it's the beauty of the winter countryside or the dream of backpacking on skis, the early morning breaking trail on unbroken snow. Believe me - if there is snow on the ground, forget the shopping, grab the kids and granny and get out there and live for the might miss it!

Nordic Skiing Classes

Whatever your ability or age, The Slochd Nordic Ski School will have something to suit everyone. From the complete novice to the expert who wants to improve their existing skills.

Come and give cross country skiing a try!

Either with the family, friends or by yourself, everyone can benefit from lessons.

Introduction or Refresher?

Nordic Skiing - For Young And Old AlikeOur starter one & a half hour lesson is aimed at introducing you or your party to cross country giving you a few goals to reach for on your first day. Retired people like to have a 1 & half hour refresher - it's relaxed and helps remind you of last years experience and get you back in your stride.

Where to start at the Slochd!

Please give us a call if you have any questions. We can help you choose the best course suited for you. Phone or email us.

Cross Country Skiing
Your first day on skis!
1 1/2 hour introduction to get you going

Improve your Skills
Downhill for Cross Country

Start of the season
Easy reminders

Make it FUN!
1 1/2 hour Family Introduction

Casual and Easy for over 60's
1 1/2 hour introduction. You're never too old to ski - surprise yourself and others!

For the ski tourer
Learning specific techniques
Make the skis work for you

A 1 day learning experience aimed at specific techniques such as stopping, turning, improving your glide. This course can help if you are worried about speed or getting into difficulties. It's possible for everyone to develop their skiing ability with this course - it's your choice and it's fun!

At the Slochd - we have it all!

Ticket info - call 800-555-1212